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Life Worth Living

Literally, Leti and Chi have saved my life or made my life worth living.

Matthew Couch, Denver
Retreat Participant August 2019
Life Altering Journey

“Heartwarming, mindblowing and profound transcendental experiences in a very comfortable safe space guided by caring compassionate skilled staff. A life altering journey."

Hermen van de Waal, Netherlands
Paticipant Dec 2018 and Feb 2019
Profound Experience

After the Truffles Therapy retreat I wouldn’t go to anybody else for a psychedelic healing experience.

Steve Atkins, UK
Participant Sept 2019
Highly Recommend

“I would recommend this retreat to anyone.”

Mariko Spotts, USA
Participant Jan 2019

Truly a blessing, felt very safe.

Becca Surrey, UK
Participant May 2019
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Who We Are

Your Wellbeing is our #1 Priority. We’re two psychonauts who have experienced the healing and transformative powers of psilocybin. Our lives are dedicated to sharing the medicine in a safe and loving way.

Please read Our Message to read a bit more about what the psilocybin journey is all about.

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