Microdose & Integration

Let Veteran Guides Accompany You on Your Mushroom Journey

Want to Take Your Psychedelic Journey to the Next Level?

We offer 1-on-1 coaching services for those who want to share more complex personal situations and build a strong relationship with someone who has experience guiding many on their journeys.

We can answer questions about and discuss things like:


  • Setting Intentions
  • Finding a safe environment to go inward
  • Dosage
  • Using microdosing to start the process at home
  • Reasons to work and not to work with the mushroom
  • Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual preparation practices

Mushroom Experience

  • How to stay calm and let go during a session
  • How to work through fear and anxiety
  • How to work with ego dissolution/death and other challenging aspects of psychedelic work.


  • How to maximize your healing and learning process post-psychedelic experience
  • How to work through any challenges and questions you may have;
    Using microdosing to stay connected with the mushroom when you return home.


  • Dosing protocols
  • Getting started
  • Getting the best results

Note: Microdosing is the practice of consuming small (sub-perceptual) doses to experience some of the benefits of Psilocybin without having to take high doses in a retreat environment.

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Energy Exchange

One-on-One Video/Audio Call
20 minutes - $35
One hour - $90

Private call, personal topics may be discussed

Call may include any challenges or questions related to psychedelic experience

Call may concern preparation, duration, or integration of a psychedelic session

Coaching Call Package
Six (6) one-hour calls - $490

Sufficient time allows the change process to unfold naturally

Holistic approach helps you to work on any issues and find solutions that work for you

Useful for dealing with major life transitions, processing traumas, emotional issues, etc.

Texting support in between calls

Benefits of 1-on-1 coaching:

  • Have a safe and confidential space to learn and discuss the potential benefits and risks of starting on the mushroom journey
  • Clarify any confusion, doubts, intentions about mushrooms and their effects
  • Practice accountability for your preparation and integration activities
  • Reflect on and talk through lessons you've learned through your mushroom journeys
  • Learn about and discuss ways to incorporate these lessons in daily life
  • Enjoy the feeling of being heard and understood.

We are available to support you through Text & Voice Messages, Calls and Emails.

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