It’s been six months since my first journey with Truffles Therapy, and since then my life has literally been transformed. I was skeptical at first, and maybe a little cautious of all things you might deem “spiritual”, but it feels like that first experience with Chi and Leti out on a retreat in the Dutch countryside set a list of things in motion, and the ripple effect is still always surprising me. Maybe it’s better if I write it all out, like a list of what’s still changing. Here goes...


Before my first journey with Truffles Therapy I’d been feeling a bad case of lethargy, procrastinating over tasks that seemed too tedious to start at times, let alone finish. I’d gotten myself into a rut; where was I going? What was this career path, exactly? I’m a writer, but I was facing a serious block.

After the first trip I felt a flush of energy that led to a drastic shift in my productivity and creativity levels. It was like I’d seen new things through new eyes and couldn’t wait to write again; or at least do my best to explain what had happened somehow, in my own way. If only to make sense of it in my head!

This led to me starting a new book; something I never thought I would write. It also led to me exploring microdosing with magic truffles as part of an organized study here in the Netherlands. Now I’ve found my focus has increased. It’s easier to get into the “zone”, and new ideas seem to pop into my head all the time. Whether they’re good or not is subjective of course, but even on the days I don’t really know what to write, I’m able to sit still until the words come and I enter a flow state, instead of procrastinating.


I’ve found that psilocybin makes me more aware of my body, more aware of the nuances of different types of exercises and how they make me feel. Yoga feels great on microdose days. I can push myself further in cardio and body pump classes, too. When I take a measured dose of dried truffles pressed into two small capsules, I find that instead of focusing on any pains or discomfort in the gym, I know it’s just my ego nagging at my perfectly capable physical body and I can tune out “the voice” easier and press on.

My diet has improved because I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body. This continues even when I’m not microdosing. I still drink alcohol but I’ve found it’s not as fun, exciting or fulfiling as it once was and I’m happy to say no when I don’t feel like drinking, even when everyone else around me is. Caffeine makes me jittery now, (too many substances is never good!) so I drink less coffee, too. Overall I guess all this combined has made me feel better about myself, outside and in.


Here’s where the most profound changes have occurred. Maybe it’s the fact that psilocybin, even in small doses puts you more in touch with reality and thus makes you more compassionate in general, but I’ve had some of the best conversations and experiences with friends, both new and old since starting this “journey.” The Truffles Therapy crew have become a growing support network here in Amsterdam. I’ve met some amazing new friends through them. My other friendships have improved and I’m a lot closer to several people now as a result of more intimate, honest conversations. I’m a better listener, I think more before I speak.

On microdose days especially, I find I can step back slightly from my ego and observe a situation through the other person’s eyes. Also, whereas before I had a tendency to say yes to things just to please people, now I can say ‘no’ more and relax into being OK with it. While I care what other people think and feel, I care less what they think and feel about ME. I feel like through being calmer in general (lack of coffee could’ve caused this too, perhaps) my energy has stabilised and could even be bringing more stability into my life. Which leads me to...


I was single for two years before my first experience with Chi and Leti, and on that first trip, one October evening in 2018 I felt the ties of my last relationship finally start to unravel. Like I’d been set free from something I didn’t even know had been holding me down. I realised that I’d been so afraid of losing love again after being ditched by an ex, that maybe I’d been closing myself off to it in the present. It was such a powerful feeling of release during that truffles journey that I came away feeling like I was finally ready to meet someone. I was no longer afraid of falling in love.

I started making my “law of attraction” lists again, writing out the traits I wanted in my ideal man. Then I made a vision board. I dated outside of my regular comfort zone. I actually truly believed he would find me now that I’d let go; now that I was growing accustomed to squishing my nagging internal chatter in favour of chilling out and trusting in the universe. Just a few months later, he showed up. Everything I had “ordered’ was standing right in front of me. And he is still here. The rushes of love I feel for him take me back to that place… the one I went to that night on my first journey. It’s a place where love is all there is.

Is it all one big coincidence? Maybe. But no one says it better than Carl G. Jung - “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


Well, I’m not a millionaire yet. But I have been working harder than I have in a long time, with a lot more focus, and in the last few months, whenever I’ve started to worry about money, I’ve been able to relax and trust that it will come.

Weirdly… or maybe not weirdly at all, new freelance assignments have popped up, some of which pay really well. While these jobs take me away from other creative endeavours, I realise I only get what I ask for, so there’s no way I’m complaining! I can now say no to anything I don’t really want to do, but I’m grateful that I’m able to make plans with my new man and friends. Without worrying where the money to pay for it will come from. The truffles, and the inner work they inspired me to do on myself have helped me to embrace the importance, and magic, of living in the moment.

While delving into your psyche should never be taken lightly, if you’re ready to face what comes up, and ready to make some positive changes, truffles, in both big and small doses can help point you in the right direction. There is magic all around me, everywhere I look. And on the days I can’t seem to find it, I’m still able to shift my perspective somehow so that I can at least look at things a little more positively. Microdosing does tend to make me happier and more positive in general, but I’ll be eternally grateful to Truffles Therapy for setting this new course in motion. I had no idea, six months ago when I found them, exactly how much they would change my life.

Thank you Truffles Therapy!


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