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We offer medicine, coaching, and Costa Rican retreats. Wherever you are in the world, we will do our best to support you. Feel free to reach out with your wishes.

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"The love and caring for each of the participants was evident and clearly observable." Chris S, Participant

Sample Schedule

The retreat schedule is relatively flexible. We practice a “go with the flow” mentality and design programs that prioritize your wellbeing. 

Here’s an example of what a four-night, two-journey retreat might look like.

Day 1

  • 4PM: Arrival & Hugs
  • 5PM: Opening Circle
  • 6PM: Relax & Share
  • 7PM: Dinner

Day 2

  • 8AM: Microdose Ceremony & Meditation
  • 9AM: Light Breakfast
  • 10AM: Relax & Free Time
  • 12PM: Restorative Yoga & Meditation
  • 2PM: Psilocybin Ceremony
  • 8PM: Dinner & Share

Day 3

  • 9AM: Breakfast & Share
  • 10AM: Relax & Nature Time
  • 12PM: Restorative Yoga & Meditation
  • 2PM: Psilocybin Ceremony
  • 8PM: Dinner & Share

Day 4

  • 10AM: Brunch
  • 12PM: Cacao Elixirs & Sharing Circle
  • 2PM: Relax & Process
  • 6PM: Dinner & Share
  • 7PM: Integration Circle

Day 5

  • 8AM: Breakfast
  • 9AM: Closing Circle
  • 10AM: Hugs & Check Out

Your Facilitators


I’m happy to be a humble servant for the psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin has helped me heal from depression, addictive behavior patterns and low self-esteem issues. Since I started tripsitting, I have been blessed to witness and be part of the transformations of countless beings. My life is dedicated to sharing the medicine with anybody who feels called to experience the benefits of magic mushrooms.

For more of my story, read "Psilocybin Mushrooms as Spiritual Allies."


I’ve experienced a magical transformation through the use of psilocybin, which has connected me with mother earth and higher consciousness. In my mind, mushrooms are the healers and I am just their grateful servant. My life mission is to create safe, caring, and loving environments where people can experience the healing powers of psilocybin. I speak French, Italian, and Spanish fluently.

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"So much love and compassion . . . profoundly mind altering." Steve A, Participant


Private retreats start at ~$1500/night, which includes preparation, integration, accommodations, food, at least two full-time facilitators, medicine, and extra activities.

Retreats can be from 2 to 7 days.

For lower-cost options, please visit the Tripsitters Directory or request a by-donation consultation.

Please read Our Message to understand a bit more about the work.

Feel free to contact us to discuss in detail.

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