June 26 - July 2

Join a Transformative 6-Night Sacred Mushroom Retreat in Costa Rica

We are offering only private retreats at this moment.

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Ideal Opportunity to:

  • Expand Your Horizons 
  • Dive Deep into Your Own Heart
  • Feel More Abundant
  • Receive and Give Love
  • Unwind and Relax 
  • Restore Your Balance
  • Heal in a Loving Space
  • Feel Grounded
  • Get Unstuck
  • Release Old Thought Patterns and Behaviors that Hold You Back
  • Face Your Shadows
  • Gain Clarity into Your Life Direction
  • Feel Inspired
  • Reignite Your Creativity
  • Connect with Yourself, Others, and Nature
  • Heal Your Relationships

"I was hesitant to have my first psychedelic experience in a group setting at first, but now I can't imagine any other way. I became so close to the rest of the group over the week and feel like I have made friends I aim to keep for life. The love that all of the Truffles Therapy team put into their work is so tangible and I left the retreat having reconnected with myself and others and feeling a profound sense of peace and optimism. The whole week was put together in a way that facilitated the safest environment to rekindle my social confidence, release deep fear and depression and understand a healthy model of masculinity. I can not express in words my complete gratitude to these people." -- Steve A., Filmmaker

"We felt absolutely safe and looked after, [the team's] selfless love and passion for what they do is unbelievable. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a life awakening / changing experience to put their trust in these guys ❤️ -- Andrea B., Hospitality

"Literally, Leti and Chi have saved my life or made my life worth living. I was incredibly depressed and sad and anxious. I read the Pollan book and decided I wanted to try psilocybin in a safe setting. Everything they did created that environment. As I bring my experience home, I feel that I have the opportunity to start living the life I want. I thank them for everything. I even started a blog which is linked on their web site about my experience as I feel a creative energy that has been devoid in me for years. I will definitely travel again with them." -- Matthew C., Teacher

"The love and caring for each of the participants was evident and clearly observable." Chris S, Real Estate

Feel Supported Before and After

3 Weeks Pre-Retreat Preparation Support

3 Weeks Post-Retreat Integration Support

  • Build Trust
  • Connect with Fellow Journeyers
  • Share Intentions
  • Gain Perspectives
  • Ask Questions
  • Alleviate Anxiety


  • Weekly Sharing Circles
  • Private Signal Community
  • Microdosing Program
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Support through text or call



I'm a Peruvian-born Costa Rican, mushroom cultivator, mother of an 8 year-old boy, and co-founder of a rural Waldorf School. For 20 years, I worked as a wilderness expedition guide. I have been working with and in service of plant medicines for 8 years, and have sat and assisted countless ceremonies.


I am deeply nourished by supporting others to alchemize challenges and develop a lasting relationship with their inner healer. As a trauma-trained somatic and psychedelic therapist, I blend the infinite potential of plant-medicines with body wisdom to provide a foundation of experiential wisdom that is both transformative and sustainable.


I've had many teachers including plant and fungal medicines, human guides, and my own body. After a long career in teaching, I'm now a Nature Connected coach and psychedelic guide. It is my absolute passion to weave together the wisdom of nature, the visible and the subtle worlds to guide others back to their true nature.


I've always felt like a spaceholder for my friends and family. Everyone would trust me with their stories and secrets. My ten years of meditation and yoga practice have taught me the sacredness of human life and the importance of gentleness and self-love. I look forward to being of service and creating a loving and safe space for you to commune with the medicine.


I am a medicine guide, Hakomi practitioner, bodyworker, and musician. I have been working with plant medicines and entheogens for over ten years, and live in service to awakening, healing, love, curiosity, embodiment, and the Earth. It is my sincere honor to be with you, listening, and holding space.


I'm grateful for the mushroom spirits and all my teachers for their generosity and love. They've saved my life in so many ways, and I'm happy to be able to share this medicine with others in a safe and loving way. It's an honor to have the opportunity to serve you.

Sample Schedule

The retreat schedule is relatively flexible. We practice a “go with the flow” mentality and design programs that prioritize your wellbeing. 

Sat, 26

  • 3PM Checkin & Refreshments
  • 5PM Opening Circle
  • 7PM Dinner

Sun, 27

  • 8AM Light Breakfast
  • 9:30AM Meditation & Micro/Minidose Ceremony
  • 10:15AM Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing
  • 1PM Lunch & Free Time
  • 4PM Sharing Circle
  • 6:30PM Dinner & Free Time
  • After Dinner - Silence until end of Breakfast

Mon, 28

  • 8AM Light Breakfast
  • 11AM Restorative Yoga
  • 1PM Ceremony
  • 7PM Closing Circle
  • 7:30PM Dinner

Tues, 29

  • 8AM Breakfast
  • 10AM Sharing Circle
  • 12:30PM Lunch & Free Time
  • 2:30PM Nature Hike
  • 6PM Dinner
  • After Dinner - Silence until end of Breakfast

Wed, 30

  • 8AM Light Breakfast
  • 11AM Sound Healing
  • 1PM Ceremony
  • 7PM Closing Circle
  • 7:30PM Dinner

Thurs, 1

  • 8AM Breakfast
  • 10AM Sharing Circle
  • 12:30PM Lunch & Free Time
  • 2:30PM Beach & Sunset
  • 6PM Dinner

Fri, 2

  • 8AM Breakfast
  • 9AM Sharing Circle
  • 11AM Hugs & Departure
Apply Now

"So much love and compassion . . . profoundly mind altering." Steve A, Filmmaker


Private Deluxe Bungalow (with AC) - $5300 per person (1 spot left)

Shared 2-Person Deluxe Bungalow [with AC] - $4300 per person (1 spot left)

(SOLD OUT) Private Eco-Bungalow [No AC] - $4900 per person

Shared 2-Person Eco-Bungalow [No AC] - $3300 per person (1 spot left)

All accommodations include: 

  • Eco-friendly amenities, including biodegradable shampoos and conditioners
  • Daily housekeeping service
  • Laptop-sized safe box 
  • Private Deck
  • Private Hammock


30% discount available for individuals who are not rewarded by the existing economic system, and for those from marginalized communities.

Sacred Reciprocity:

10% of Your Contribution is donated to indigenous relief & nature conservation charities.

Also Included:

  • Transport to and from Liberia Airport
  • Fiber Optic Internet (although we encourage everyone to unplug as much as possible)

What’s Not Included: 

  • Flights
  • COVID test (we will organize on-site testing at cost [~$100])
  • any add-on spa services (e.g. massage, body therapies)

Other Info


All participants returning to the US need to show a Negative COVID test taken within 3 days of arrival. We are collaborating with local medical staff to offer an easy onsite COVID test that will give results within 2 days for anybody who needs it. 

Another option is to arrive ~4 hours early to Liberia airport on the day of your return and to receive a rapid antigen test (results within one hour) from Laboratorios Echandi. Please visit covid.morphotr.com to schedule a test. Please note the antigen test does not meet Canada's entry requirements. 

For more info, please check the official site of the Costa Rican Tourism Board or this Tico Times article.


As we are within 30 days of the retreat, the full energy exchange is required to reserve your spot. 

All contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Retreat Application

Please be as honest as possible when answering the following questions. You can be assured that your information will remain confidential and is used to provide you with the proper care.

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